Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY: Mr. Piñata!

So as we were frantically bunting for my mom's birthday last month and were amongst mounds of streamers and tissue paper, I had the idea of making a piñata out of one of the paper lanterns that we had laying around the house. Granted, I had seen something similar here and figured that I would go ahead and do my own twist on it. We filled it with confetti and candy, however never did smashed it open and decided to go with the original and less chaotic way of opening it (by pulling the string). It was super easy to make, although I must say that if you are using the tissue paper, since it is very thin, it can easily rip and tear when gluing it onto the lantern. Crepe paper would work best, but my local Hobby Lobby unfortunately did not have any. If it wasn't for the awesome bird picture holders i got, I would have been a very sad Stef.

You will need:

Paper Lantern
Various colored streamers or tissue/crepe paper
Scissors & Glue stick
A piece of sturdy cardstock (I used a paint sample!)
String or Yarn

Go ahead and start with
1. preparing the paper that will cover your lantern. Go ahead and start with cutting slits 2/3 of the way up all along the paper with some scissors (or an Xacto knife, much faster I would say!)

2.Then start seperating the cuts you made so it creates a nice frilly texture. I went ahead and also scrunched it with my hand that looks like it has a freakishly long thumb (I don't.)

After you have cut out all of your colorful strips go ahead and add some glue to the strip and attach it all the way around, repeat throughout the whole lantern.
To make the opening where the confetti or candy comes out from take your cardstock circle or rectangle and glue 1 or 2 pieces of string and place it at the bottom of your lantern covering the opening. Make sure that your string/s are pulled out such as the 3rd picture below so that you are able to pull out the confetti or candy.

"Pulled out" strings

Make a mustache out of black foamie material and you'll be all set! The perfect addition to your Mexican themed fiesta or just random house party. Add confetti made from colorful tissue paper and some candy (Twizzlers anyone!?) to finish it off. Perfect!

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