Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Honor of Love

So i am not going to lie, I am not a big fan of Valentine's day. I am one of those cynics out there who believe it is a holiday invented by silly chocolate box producing companies, wanting frazzled spouses and boyfriends running around trying to find something decent to gift. Personally, I believe it is completely irrational to wait till one single day (where people seem to think gifting stuffed animal bears to a grown woman is socially acceptable) to express your love towards one another. All in all, you can say I beleive in loving one another every day and would much rather receive flowers on a random April Tuesday. :) However, despite all of this, I shall dedicate this post to those of you who cant help but giggle at the sight of cheesy valentines day cards or those of you who think it would be a crime not to gift on Vday. <3

What to do?

A Picnic
is by far my favorite thing to do on ANY day. Here are a few ideas on what to take on your picnic; "easy to eat" items that wont require cutlery (such as fresh salads, fresh organic fruit & vegetables, crackers, etc.) drinks, books, a camera, and of course a blanket and a few small pillows.

Discover the Nature in your City
If you live in a big city there might be a good chance that you aren't really exposed to true nature on an everyday basis (the bush outside your house doesn't count). With this being said, dedicate the day to visit the areas around or outside your city and spend quality time getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Research a national park, lake, view, mountain, or beach in which you can easily head to for the day. Explore, hike, and enjoy the beauty of mother nature!

Sunrise Sunshine

How often do you enjoy a sunrise together?! Wake up early and find a beautiful lookout to enjoy a sunrise. Stop by a bakery or a nice diner/restaurant on the way back and enjoy a nice breakfast fresh in the morning

Movie & Dinner
Go to your local farmers market or grocery store and pick up some fresh ingredients for a dinner that you both can make that night. Set out a candlelight dinner, grab some fancy drinks (or wine if you; Rent a favorite movie, romantic or not and cuddle up. If fancy is not your style, order your favorite take out and eat while watching a new release or reruns of your favorite shows.

What to gift?

Disclaimer; By no means, at all, whatsoever, no matter how cute or easy, simple, or normal it may seem give your significant other a stuffed animal shall you do it. With that being said, I do have the first few stuffed animals that Isaac gave me the first year of our relationship which sit nicely on my bed, so not all is bad. However, when said items keep being gifted to us, we usually end up not knowing where to place them and find ourselves stuffing them in either boxes, giving them away, (like salivating puppies ready to gnaw the heck out of something) **
Flowers are a timeless beautiful gift in which most people appreciate in receiving no matter the occasion. While I think red roses are a bit overrated, a beautiful bouquet filled with blooming gerberas, daisies, colorful roses, tulips, sunflowers, etc is sure to make someone smitten.

Gift Cards
Although many people might think that the gift cards are less thoughtful than other present, I think that in most instances it is a perfect gift. Whoever is receiving the gift card can go to the store and pick whatever she desires or use it towards a bigger purchase she might have in mind. Good stores to get gift cards to are home good store (such as Pier1) makeup and beauty (Ulta, Sephora, heaven!) and clothing stores (depending on her style)

Something Homemade
My favorite of all the ones mentioned. Nothing can beat the thoughtfulness of a gift that you create yourself. Develop a few pictures of the 2 and make a mini scrapbook recounting the memories you both have. Decorate with scrapbook stickers, different colored paper, and letters. Or make her a mix CD with silly cheesy favorite & romantic love songs, design the cover for it and write a little insert with a few words on each song describing why you picked it.

So no matter what you do, what you give or get; the most important thing is that you spend the day with the one you love. && remember, Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day you splurge on your significant other! Love should be expressed everyday in every way :)

<3 Stef

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