Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pet Peeves!








(Started writing this while on my break at work...)

Pet peeves. I sit here typing this after realizing that the place we ordered lunch subs from an HOUR AND A HALF AGO got my order wrong. Yup, got it wrong. Really? How hard is it to NOT put mayo in a sandwich and add the quintessential toppings to a vegetarian sub? (Alfalfa sprouts and lettuce anyone?) Either way, it seems like no matter where I go or what I do someone always gets my order wrong at least once every 3 times I order something.

Speaking of life annoyances, it seems that no matter how small said frustrations can be, they always seem to find the utmost way under our skin making us want to pull our hair and go strangle someone. Like seriously? Why must people feel the need to smack their food, interrupt another person when they are talking, or text back just "K" when you just wrote them a paragraph. I guess in this case I will use the much overused but very appropriate, "It is, what it is" saying. I have come to the point of my life where I have realized that some of these annoyances are indeed things we will have to live with (unless people decide to have some common sense)

& with that I went around (and texted) a few of my friends asking what their Top 2 annoyances/pet peeves were, and here are the answers. (Surprisingly, no one else said Getting food orders wrong so maybe I am in the minority on that one.)

1. People who smack their food or gum.

Who you honestly just want to smack back. Seriously people, have we learned nothing on how to eat our food with our mouths CLOSED?

2. People who cut you off on the road.

Too bad people cant be given a ticket for this. But then again I see people running red lights and without a ticket on record.

3. Rude people

This shall includes half of the world's population.

5. Invasion of personal space

I love the quote Isaac said regarding this; "I didn't know I had a "bubble" until someone stepped in it.

4. Wrong use of "their, there, and they're"

Making these t shirts a hot seller.

5. The lack of eye contact

We get it, you're a shy person, but can you at least look at me when I am talking?

& although I can imagine MANY more, I will leave you with this. No matter how much these things may bother you (and they will keep bothering you, trust me) We can just remember, that at least (or so I hope) we are not the people who are on the other end instigating these pet peeves and making those around us cringe relentlessly.

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