Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Year 32!

So 2012 is finally here! Seems crazy if you really think about it. I mean just the other day I remember celebrating NYE at my grandmas house while we wore "Happy 2005" hats. Despite the fact that many claim this is the year that the world is expected to end (really? people actually beleive that bs?) I am determine to making 2012 the best one yet. I know, sounds so cliche, but I mean it. 2011 brought a LOT of changes, both good and bad, yet I wasn't COMPLETELY satisfied with it. There are many things that I have yet to accomplish, and this year I will!

1. Get Fit & Full of Energy: This is my main priority. No more fast food or slacking on the exercise front. I'm going full force on this new health kick. I'm starting my 21 Day Herbalife cleanse tomorrow, and making sure I drink a gallon of water a day. My first goal is to lose 20 lbs and to be able to run a mile without stopping. All this by my birthday. :) I believe that I can do it, and I will!

2. Get a Newer Car: So as much as I love my Rusty I have to accept the fact that I need a newer car, soon. Rusty has been very faithful (never leaving me stranded anywhere, or unexpectedly breaking down somewhere, however, he does have a severe oil leak and runs through oil like crazy. He doesn't go past 70 mph without shaking uncontrollably, and his hood is a little messed up (due to a rear end accident I was in earlier this year).

3. Start Doing the Herbalife Biz: I've already assisted my first english STS last month and have understood the advantages of what starting the Herbalife Business is. Being the daughter of a pretty successful Nutrition Club owner, I have seen how committing yourself to the business can benefit you in the financial way. This year, after getting the results I desire, I want to start investing time and commitment into developing myself as a distributor and not just a consumer. Having my mom by my side (who has been encouraging me start Herbalife for a while now), will also be helpful along the way. :)

4. Become a Better Girlfriend: I find that the longer time passes the harder it is to NOT fall into that 'rut routine, lets stay inside and not go out, anti change' phase that many couples go through after a while. Even though it's been 5 years that I have been with Isaac (not counting a breakup we had between our 2nd year) I am still as much in love with him as I was when I met him. However, lately I haven't done anything "cutesy" and I feel like i need to redig that old girlfriend side of me :)

5. Go Back to College: Yeah, I guess that's pretty self explanatory. I am still undecided, however I enjoy editing videos and take care of my mom's publication needs, so maybe I'll go for something in that department.

6. Stay on Top of my Finances: Yup. This is a big one for me. Check my bank accounts, reconcile them, use my credit card wisely, & being aware of my bills are come into play. This past month I've really gotten a handle on my spending habits, which has really helped in the $aving department.

7. Road Trip w/ my Family: My little sister and brother have never seen the ocean, & my mom hasn't been since about 20 years ago. We've NEVER been to a FAMILY trip to California (or anywhere for that matter.) So these reasons itself, demand we take a trip ASAP!

8. Go Out More: I live in Vegas. The entertainment capital of the world, and lately my weekends have consisted of staying in and watching Hulu episodes till 4 am. I am determine to go out of my comfort box and try new things, go to new places this year.

9. VLOGYEAR: I will make a video of my daily life, everyday for 365 days, then mash them all together at the end of the year :) Pretty cool idea eh?

10. Get Organized in Life!: I mostly mean this in the sense of keeping my space clean, knowing when things are due, and keeping a routine in which I can follow and will keep me on check. Usually I am not a fan of routines, but in this case my life is screaming for one.

11. Look into Buying a House: It's always been mine & my mom's dream to live in a house. Nowadays, there are many programs out there willing to help out young folks like me in getting a house. I always told my mom (since I was very little) that I would buy her a house, so crazy that I now old enough to do so!

12. Be Happy! This ties in with every other thing on my list. Learning to be happy with myself, my situations, my job, my finances, my spiritual life, my friends & family. Not getting caught up in the small things or things that don't mean anything. Pursuing that, which makes me happy. & making my dreams come true. Making the best of my current situation, and being thankful for everything that I have. Ser Feliz! :)

So, with all that being said, What are your resolutions or goals that you are setting for yourself in this new year? Anything that you hope to change, start or continue in 2012?

<3 Stef

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