Saturday, September 3, 2011

Caffeee Shop (:

my little happy salamander (:

So im sitting in my new favorite place in the whole wide world...

Madhouse Coffee Shop.

So you ask yourself what makes this coffeehouse better than the rest? Well... it has pretty good coffee first of all (although not better than The Human Bean of course), awesome snacks, seating is pretty good, free wifi (well kinda... you sorta have to buy something in order for it to be free lol), and better than anything, ITS 24 HOURS! (: reason why i can be sitting here at 1:08 in the morning. Isaac is not a fan of these places, but HE was actually the one with the idea to come over here for a bit. The idea was ideal, since there is currently NO internet at mi casa. NONE, zilp, zero, nada. La mama forgot to pay the bill, so that means no service. Thats how the world works... you exchange something for something (unless you get lucky, and they just give it to you) and in this case the exchange would be $$ moolah $$ for internet service. No moolah no internet.. capeesh? Im starting to quickly fall in love with this place. Like young love once again <3 except this time, its not with some immature 14 year old, but with a wonderful calm awesome coffee house. I feel inspired here. Feel calm and collected. Where i can sit and think, and type.

So as i sit here and think of life... some things come to mind... but before that;

This couple, study buddies, or bro/sis are too cute. they are like to peas in a pod lol

and while they look cute heres what me and isaac do...

Currently as i type this he is most likely half asleep/half not awake.
I find it funny how everytime someone walks in... He acts "awake" (:

Well anyways...where were we? Oh yeah....Life.

Gosh...such a complicated word.

The word that many want to live, yet dont know how. The word many people fear is going by them too fast. The word that many have just begun, and others have finished saying. Many say its short, others long. Many keep it busy while others act casual towards it. Many feel they made a difference, while others say they stayed in their own selfish ways. Many look for its meaning, and while Websters' Dictionary has 19..I think no one will ever truly know the real definition of it.

So what does life mean to you? Is it a passion that you live for? A religion? A form of God?
Is it just something you live day by day? Carpe diem? Or something that you plan for? Does life mean having a significant other by your side? or simply having a good friend to live it with? Is it family, loved ones? or is it fame money and fortune that you strive for?

Whatever it means to you, pursue it. If it makes you happy, go for it.
The only one who can make it happen is you (:

So i leave you with that.... as Isaac gets impatient for a cozy bed and a tv. and i await a nice long ride back home :)

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