Sunday, August 7, 2011

no sleep, bag mess, & new music!

HELLO! at 3 am!

I guess I dont look too shabby in the middle of the night with no makeup and creepy computer lighting

So i am still awake... i dont understand why i tend to be a night person. I work my best when the sun is outta my way and half the population is sleeping.. Well at least half the (residential) population that isint on vacation. well i have sorta kinda have neglected this blog and felt the need to update....since my last post was nearly 3 months ago. So as the title says.. i figured what better thing to do at 2 am than to show you what currently is in my bag since is pretty full of junk lol
alright so the bag is;

a Mark Ecko slouchy hobo bag (the buckle on this thing is way cool)
Original Retail Price; $89.00
What i paid for it; $24.99

Items that can be found; (i dont know why i have such a tendency to carry so many smelly good stuff lol) Victoria Secret Vanilla Lace body spray, Victoria Secret Sexy for Him2 cologne (isaac's haha) Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body spray, & i guess my deodorant would qualify for this; Dove Cucumber & Green Tea scent [my fave!], a few makeup & brushes; EcoTools face brush, Max Factor eyeshadow brush, and BareMinerals blush brush, Marykay powder foundation, ELF blush.bronzer duo (NARS dupe!), Rose Salve tin, Random; Fossil Wristlet, pack of Wynn Casino matches, picture of my brother at a Chuck E Cheese ride, mini photograph [signed by the photographer from an art gallery i went to], movie ticket to The Smurfs, Mr. Grip pen, iPod shuffle, & a pear [mom bought, she said to eat them lol]

MUSICA FOR THE SOUL!So if you are still reading and have NOT muted your volume, you should be currently listening to some Foster The People. More specifically "Pumped Up Kicks" which is currently one of my favorite songs. Funny how i discovered them; I usually download any free stuff that on iTunes, they had some FTP on there [the song, "Helena Beat"] i listened to it, and loved it...
Then i heard Pumped Up Kicks on the radio and instantly recognized their voice, & style...
Give them a try they are pretty awesome. Their style is different, yet easy to listen.

Their latest album "Torches" I beleive they are currently on tour, so find a show near you. I am so going to the one at the Boulevard Pool! Only $28 a ticket!

Other musica you should check out;
Andrew Belle:

He is so musically talented. If you watch the show Pretty Little Liars, his music was featured in Season 1 [All the Pretty Lights] he dosent have a HUGE fanbase since he is still up&coming, and he responds to your comments on twitter and facebook [idk why that makes me so excited lol]

"Bodies" by Savoir Adore

This song is amazing! Its such a feel good song. I love listening to this while driving on a friday afternoon after work. Nothing like good music to get ready for the weekend! Which by the way the cover art for this is pretty amazing (and colorful!) lol

Asher Roth:

So this guy has been out on the realms for a while now.. his song "i love college" became an instant hit everywhere on the radio. He is not your typical up and coming rapper that is always talking about money fame and fortune. He has his few "typical rapper" moments but a lot of his songs have meaning behind him, and his beats are beyond sick. If your tired of some of the rap of today, check him out :) **warning; some of his songs are a little explicit**

Alright so that all for now.. i promise to keep an updated blog from now on.

& BTW my obsesssion with NYC is still going strong :)

<3 Stef

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