Friday, May 13, 2011

lets go to new york.

(cue frank sinatra's "new york"!)

do you ever wonder...what will happen if i just leave all sense of security, job, shelter, and pack your things and just move to a completely different city? Ive been having this weird craving to just leave and move to New York City. But lets be realistic here people... i cant just leave my job and go to a city where a 1 bedroom can cost a good 1,300. & thats probably even a crappy one. But lets face it.. NYC seems to have it all.... and im so tempted. A few weeks ago I was on this super "Im going on a trip to NYC no matter what" kick. I mean i was researching from plane tickets, to looking at the streets on google maps (street view holla!) yeah i guess you can say i was OBSESSED. the only thing that sets me back is how EXPENSIVE everything is....

a plane ticket; roughly a good $500..
hotels: [cheapest hotel i found was 167$ a night] yeahhhhh...

so for just basic accommodations it will already be around 1000$ and that not even including shopping, sight seeing, subway/taxis, and food! Isaac told me to wait a year or even 2 before going.. but its so dang hard. Maybe hes secretly planning on buying me tickets! :] yeayy!

so as we float along..

So ive been trying to get my life together... i mean to be honest, right now i dont really have much organization going on. I have this "rad" (as she likes to use :) coworker in which we made a bucket list.....and it suspicously disappered (yes i know you grammer freaks, i spelled the last 2 words wrong) were kinda bummed...reason being we spent a great deal of time, thinking, and enthusiasm into that list.. i am sure we will start another :)

I will let you know how awesome our bucket list turns out when we make a new one :)

Have an awesome Wednesday!

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