Friday, March 11, 2011


A letter to someone who recently hurt you.

yeah this one is kind of funny. Well just kind of. if you ask anyone who really knows me, they will tell you that I really never harbor any bad grudges against anyone, i just simply dont beleive in that. However, im only human, only imperfect.....

Dear ______, You seem to have forgotten about everything you did, it was just probably another one of your milestones to get ahead of everyone, ruthlessly. I find it funny how you never really realized how much you hurt me. I mean, yeah youre rude, mean, 2 faced really. Everyone knows it, but because of your "status" no one dares to confront you...not even me. But i got over it...IT, not you. I don't go to places if youre there. i dont look at you, if youre around. Dont really acknowledge you're presence at all . Call me bitter, angry, or resentful... but you really DID hurt me. Everyone told me about everything..youre're fake friendship. You yourself compromised me in places and times (on purpose) so you could come out on top. You knew i was vulnerable..weak..and you took advantage. I see you now... youre life "seems" to be perfect.. but i know deep down youre not in love...youre not even quite sure if youre doing the right thing... youre just doing it cause its expected... probably because you are desperate...but its okay. Ill get over it one day.... i promise you :)

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