Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yes. i have finally reached the day where i will be living the last year of my life in which i can say im still technically a teenager lol i find it funny how i find myself celebrating in middle of the night while my little brother dances to "wonderwall" by oasis as if it were some dance techno song :D ha pictures below to prove...
well all i can say is that life being 19 dosent feel any different... okay well maybe a little.. i feel more mature in a sense that i have a job, a car, have realized the true meaning of my family, appreciate that i am in a steady relationship, and lastly that ive kept a good circle of girfriends. I now can truly look past my teen years, and realize that high school wasnt all that it was cracked up to be, my first bf really wasnt all that great, and that thinking it was the end of the world when i couldnt go out with my friends, didnt really mean it was the end of the world. I mean i cant say that i know life at this age, but i can definitely understand when they say "you know all those things wont matter anymore" ive realized that your youth is preciious and you really got to seize the day :) so here is my CURRENT list of in and outs! IN: Spending time with your family on a FRIDAY night.. (yess, i said friday :p)
OUT: Going out with your friends EVERY night.

IN: Learning to appreciate how smart you really are :)
OUT: Dumbing yourself down to look funny and cool in front of your classmates.

IN: Buying REAL flowers, even if it means costing you a bit more :))) (they make me smile)
OUT: Decorating with not so real flowers

IN: Staying in and cooking dinner/watching a movie
OUT: Going out.

alright so im going to semi clean my room, and then hit they hayyyy got to wake up early tomorow and do errands... :))) goodnight...

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