Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adioss Krista..Feliz Cumpleanos :)!

Lovely letters thanks to Chanel ! They are so prettyy. Everyone around the office signed them.

"November 18th, 2011... it was a sad sad day today at the SEC office..and an even sadder day in Medical Records :/" Today was Kristas last day at the office today. && her birthday! She turned the big 20! lol Well i know for sure ill miss her.. (all my coworker friends are leaving me! :( but i know well stay friends :) Here are some wonderful pics from the samsung berry :)

iCarly cup!

Lunch @ wonderful Bonita (thanks random lady who thought the off button took the picture)!
Krista, Mirzah,Me,Koralito,&Lorena. (Reunion!) Last lunch as coworkers! :/

I love her :)

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