Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dia Numero Seis

Favorite Superhero and why.....


Alright so ive never been an absolute superhero fanatic. But if i had to choose one for the sake of this 30 day bloggin adventaahhh, then Spiderman it is :) Reason being that he is just like any other normal guy out there with no extraordinary powers (invisability or super strength) but he has what we call a humble and caring heart that is willing to always find the best for the poeple around him & that is what I admire of him. Even though i dont know much about him I can tell he really lovveess MJ & what girl dosent love that?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dia Numero Cinco

a picture of a place that youve been to...

I couldnt decide between these two wonderful pictures from the beautiful country of Mexico :)
I was truly astonished of the beauty of this country.. It has the variety that many other places lack, & mother nature can truly be appreciated. The photo to the
left is in Malinalco, EDMX (view from the ruins all the way up top) it is a stunning place that is surrounded by green mountaintops, and adobe villages. This was definitely my top favorite place in Mexico. The weather was perfect (humid & temperate) and the hiking to the ruins was absolutely phenomenal. I will definitely be going back soon :)

The picture to the right is of Acapulco, Gro (view from our room). which sits on the coast of the pacific ocean. This place was surely something to remember. The waters were absolutely gorgeous, with shades of blue and green, delicious seafood right on the beach, and lets not forget those banana and cruise boats :) This was my first time ever seeing the beach, only downside, tooo many people. but it was sure a nice way to see it for the first time :)

Hope you guys like :) Im already making plans to go back this summer! Will surprise mom with flight tickets once i get my hands on them!

Dia Numero Cuatro

a habit you wish you didnt have...

i really wish i didnt frequently lock my keys
inside my car. i apologize for the faithful people who have suffered with me and this habit..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dia Numero Tres.

3. Post a picture of your friends.....

the best friends a girl can ask for.
I couldnt ask for any better :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adioss Krista..Feliz Cumpleanos :)!

Lovely letters thanks to Chanel ! They are so prettyy. Everyone around the office signed them.

"November 18th, 2011... it was a sad sad day today at the SEC office..and an even sadder day in Medical Records :/" Today was Kristas last day at the office today. && her birthday! She turned the big 20! lol Well i know for sure ill miss her.. (all my coworker friends are leaving me! :( but i know well stay friends :) Here are some wonderful pics from the samsung berry :)

iCarly cup!

Lunch @ wonderful Bonita (thanks random lady who thought the off button took the picture)!
Krista, Mirzah,Me,Koralito,&Lorena. (Reunion!) Last lunch as coworkers! :/

I love her :)

2:24 am!

....and im still not asleep! ahhh... i really hope i wake up early enough to go buy that chocolate cheseecake && be at work at 7 am...its nights like this in which i wonder if i should just stay up . or fall asleep for 3 hours.The jigglypuff Krista made for me is staring @ me (hence the picture above) dyying of sleeeppp soo maybe i should just go and sleep for a few hours . those green eyed gemss pierce me with drowsineesss....

Dia Numero Dos.

The meaning behind your Blog name...

So i guess im going to start posting blogs in the middle of the night since
i feel the most inspired at that time.. So the meaning behind my blog name is simple. Its just my name :) Inspired by a mens cologne my mom was in love with. From Greek origin. Pronounced; (Ehh-Ste-FA-Nee) unique spelling. part of who i am. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dia Numero Uno.

This was actually harder than I thought... I just wrote as it came to me . Ha

1. I love JesusChrist. He has redeemed me made me whole.
2. I've known the guy i want to MARRY for 4 years.
3. I graduated a semester early of HS.
4. I work for an ophthalmologycenter.
5. I HATE country musicaaa
6. I love burning (VANILLA SCENTED) candles when it gets cold.
7. I can live off enchiladas & cheesecake for the rest of my life.
8. I have onee particular friend, that i feel like ive known forever.
9. I have a really baaaddd tendency of locking my keys INSIDE my car.
10. I loveeeee to play me some Halo & Gears :)
11. I love to drive by myself to a mix cd i made.
12. Ive been told i act much older than my age.
13. My family is theeeeee best :)
14. At the moment i reallly want to travel to Fiji :) (thanks fel) :p
15. I have a problem with always buying what i dont necessarily need.